Defying Vanity


I have an issue with our issues with vanity. Vanity, as seen above, implies excessive pride or admiration in your appearance but our society has made self-confidence synonymous with vanity, making it virtually impossible to like yourself without facing criticism. Not to get political but capitalism feeds on us disliking ourselves so of course they … Continue reading Defying Vanity

Choose Your Own Adventure #22: Life

I'm sorry, this is just hilarious to me DISCLAIMER: Before I get too far with this, I want to say that this is just my experience with Depersonalization Derealization Disorder (DDD) and I am not trying to speak for everyone who has it nor am I saying this is accurate and/or the only explanation. It's … Continue reading Choose Your Own Adventure #22: Life

The Non-Scary Sex Talk

Hi everyone! I am very excited to introduce to you Verified Bold, a podcast my friends Aliliywa, Adelana, and I have been working on. Listen to this lifestyle podcast hosted by three bold women of color; keeping things woke, embodying authenticity, & figuring sh!t out. Find a new episode every month! Listen to our first … Continue reading The Non-Scary Sex Talk